Dr. Björk obtained his Ph.D. in Solid State Physics at Lund University in 2004. After two short post-doc positions at Lund University and IBM Research Zurich, respectively, he became a permanent research staff member at IBM Research in Switzerland in 2006. For five years, he led the materials, process, and device development of low power nanowire electronics, targeted for beyond CMOS applications. Mikael has more than 12 years’ experience in nanowire technology development, including advanced growth techniques, device processing, and device physics. His knowledge spans several material systems and integration on silicon. In 2012 he joined QuNano AB as a director of research where he led the development of nanowire based biomedical devices. In 2013 he joined SolVoltaics AB as a Principal Member of Technical Staff. He holds several patents and has continuously produced highly cited scientific papers.