Aligned Bio’s Nanowire Biosensor Platform – Seed Funding Announcement

Aligned Bio, an advanced nanowire biosensor platform provider, announced a 5M+ SEK seed round led by Almi Invest. Almi Invest contributed 3.5M, followed by MIST Ventures and Lund University Holding.

Aligned Bio’s mission is to bring affordable advanced nanowire platform technology to the multibillion $ biosensor market. Aligned Bio’s patented nanowire production and alignment methods and its proprietary waveguiding technology will offer its sensor customers the benefits of a nanowire’s large surface area and signal enhancement capability at viable costs.

Whether detecting particular biomarkers for cancer diagnostics, improving DNA ID or finding pathogens, vertically aligned nanowire platforms have shown to offer a leap in sensitivity over present state of the art planar type sensors” says Dr. Fredrik Höök, the Director of the Biological Physics Department at Chalmers University states. “It is exciting that Aligned Bio can now make this technology available to the mass market.”

“In addition to the assay chemistry, the sensor platform plays an important role in advanced biomarker detection. The 20X increase in optical test sensitivity we have seen with nanowires is promising and will improve assay performance”, stated Carl Borrebaeck, Director at CREATE Health Cancer Center at Lund’s University. “If Aligned Bio can bring this technology to market at low costs with repeatable performance, there will be a significant interest in the market”

Aligned Bio operates in an area of rapid growth. The company’s technology has great opportunities to streamline and add value in the biosensor area” says Per Antonsson, Investment Manager at Almi Invest.