Aligned Bio – Low-Cost Single Molecule Detection Wins EIC Grant

LUND SWEDEN, Aligned Bio, a developer of Nanowire single molecule detection technology to be used
in biomarker discovery, In vitro diagnostics (IVD) and next generation sequencing (NGS) today
announces it has secured a €2.3 M grant through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerato
program. The EIC funding will help Aligned Bio bring its NW platform to the biomedical market to
accelerate innovation and advance medical care.

The EIC Accelerator is a highly competitive program designed to help develop and scale up first in class
innovative small and medium sized business with global ambitions and is one the most competitive
public funding opportunities for deep-tech startups in the world. This year there were over 4000
companies applying and only 164 winners.

Dr. Karin Blume, Director of Technology for Biomarkers of Aligned Bio, stated: “We are excited by EIC
Accelerator’s support which validates the significance and importance of Aligned Bio’s core nanowire
single molecule detection technology, and it comes as a positive indication of our efforts and
accomplishments in the past two years. We will utilize this grant to further advance our manufacturing
and development capabilities and continue to grow our customer base.”

Aligned Bio’s mission is to utilize its single molecule identification technology in the multibillion Euro
biomedical market. Aligned Bio’s sensitivity is enabled by its patented nanowire production and
alignment methods and its proprietary waveguiding technology. This low-cost single molecule/dye
technology will form the core offering and enable affordable protein and nucleic acid detection

Aligned Bio will use the EIC funding to accelerate product development, continue to grow our business
development team and become a global leader in the biomarker detection and IVD sectors of the life
sciences market over the next ten years.

For additional information:
Erik Smith, CEO Aligned Bio, or