Enhanced Optical Biosensing by Aerotaxy Ga(As)P Nanowire
Platforms Suitable for Scalable Production

Sensitive detection of low-abundance biomolecules is central for diagnostic applications. Semiconductor nanowires can be designed to enhance the fluorescence signal from surface-bound molecules, prospectively improving the limit of optical detection. However, to achieve the desired control of physical dimensions and material properties, one currently uses relatively expensive substrates and slow epitaxy techniques.

2,3 miljoner euro till Aligned Bio

Europeiska innovationsrådets accelerator har beviljat Aligned Bio 2,3 miljoner euro i stöd, med möjlighet till ytterligare 2,3 miljoner euro i riskkapital. Detta för att accelerera bolagets satsning på detektering av biomarkörer på molekylnivå med hjälp den patenterade produktionsprocessen för nanotrådar Aerotaxy. I vår väntas bolaget stänga en nyemission på ytterligare 50-60 miljoner kronor. Read the […]

Aligned Bio – Low-Cost Single Molecule Detection Wins EIC Grant

LUND SWEDEN, Aligned Bio, a developer of Nanowire single molecule detection technology to be usedin biomarker discovery, In vitro diagnostics (IVD) and next generation sequencing (NGS) todayannounces it has secured a €2.3 M grant through the European Innovation Council (EIC) Acceleratoprogram. The EIC funding will help Aligned Bio bring its NW platform to the biomedical […]

Fluorescence Signal Enhancement in Antibody Microarrays Using Lightguiding Nanowires

Fluorescence-based detection assays play an essential role in the life sciences and medicine. To offer better detection sensitivity and lower limits of detection (LOD), there is a growing need for novel platforms with improved readout capacity. In this context, substrates containing semiconductor nanowires may offer significant advantages, due to their proven light-emission enhancing, waveguiding properties […]

“A” Round Funding Announcement

Aligned Bio, a single molecule detection company, announced an oversubscribed A round investment of 23MSEK led by STOAF III SciTech and Fårö Capital. Previous investors Almi Invest and MIST Ventures continued their participation. Aligned Bio’s mission is to utilize its single molecule identification technology in the multibillion USD biomedical market. Aligned Bio’s sensitivity is enabled […]

Aligned Bio’s Nanowire Biosensor Platform – Seed Funding Announcement

Aligned Bio, an advanced nanowire biosensor platform provider, announced a 5M+ SEK seed round led by Almi Invest. Almi Invest contributed 3.5M, followed by MIST Ventures and Lund University Holding. Aligned Bio’s mission is to bring affordable advanced nanowire platform technology to the multibillion $ biosensor market. Aligned Bio’s patented nanowire production and alignment methods […]

Single-Molecule Detection with Lightguiding Nanowires: Determination of Protein Concentration and Diffusivity in Supported Lipid Bilayers

Determining the surface concentration and diffusivity of cell-membrane-bound molecules is central to the understanding of numerous important biochemical processes taking place at cell membranes. Here we use the high aspect ratio and lightguiding properties of semiconductor nanowires (NWs) to detect the presence of single freely diffusing proteins bound to a lipid bilayer covering the NW […]

Nanowires for Biosensing: Lightguiding of Fluorescence as a Function of Diameter and Wavelength

Semiconductor nanowires can act as nanoscaled optical fibers, enabling them to guide and concentrate light emitted by surface-bound fluorophores, potentially enhancing the sensitivity of optical biosensing. While parameters such as the nanowire geometry and the fluorophore wavelength can be expected to strongly influence this lightguiding effect, no detailed description of their effect on in-coupling of […]